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Merge branch '201-prepare-3-0-4-release' into 'master'

Resolve "Prepare 3.0.4 release"

Closes #201

See merge request metagrid-go/metagrid-go!184
parents cf37b321 880afc59
......@@ -25,4 +25,16 @@ Improve search API
* 🐛 Add compatibility in beacon url. /beacon/{provider}/person is also a valid endpoint for a beacon list (thanx @rag)
* 🐛 Fix bug in findbook integration. Findbook work also if the gnd is not included in the allowed providers list
* ✨ Enable matching with a elasticsearch result window bigger than 10'000
* ✨ Transform old hls identifiers in the search api to new ones (thanx @histhub_zd)
\ No newline at end of file
* ✨ Transform old hls identifiers in the search api to new ones (thanx @histhub_zd)
Improve edge cases of the widget api
* 🐛 Set the include parameter for the widget API by default to true. So the old jquery widget display the provider name
* 🐛 Fix collect process for elitesuisse. Use the new sitemap and csv from elitesuisse (thanx @elitesuisse)
* 🐛 Allow uppercase language parameters for the widget API f.e. DE insteadof de (thanx @diego parlamentsdienste)
* ✨ Switch provider burgerbiliothek to their new website (@thanx bbb)
* ✨ Improve flaky tests
* ✨ Use the beacon name instead of the bacon description in the name field of the widget API (thanx @hallernet)
* ✨ Add generic anton ( collector
* ✨ Include besenval archive (@thanx )
* ✨ Include georg fischer archive (@thanx )
* ✨ Redirect outdated concordance id's to the new id (@thanx for input and @wolfgang (tei-publisher))
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