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# Es sink
After alotof struggles and undebuggable prolem wit kafka-connect we implemented our own elastsearch sink. Its a very simple kafka-consumer who forward documents to elasticsearch
# Es-sink
After a lot of struggles and debuggable problems with [kafka-connect]( we implemented our own elasticsearch sink. It's a very simple kafka-consumer who forwards documents from the kafka topic `geolinker` to an elasticsearch index `geolinker-new`
## Before you start
Before you deploy the sink, be sure you created the kafka topic (done by [topicoperator]( with the corresponding [elastic search mapping](!
## Docker
To build the image use the following command. The container is based on the [histub/ node-kafka-docker-base](
docker build -t .
# Upload to the registry
docker push
## CD
We have a build pipeline in gitlab. So manually building the image is no longer necessary.
## Deploy to k8
This streaming app is part of the [nodeks helm chart]( You can find more about the deployment under [deploy-geolinker](
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