Commit 8773d4c2 authored by Tobias Steiner's avatar Tobias Steiner
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Round to six digits after a comma

parent e6f3db67
......@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@ class WikiNormalizer extends Transform {
const data = Buffer.from('utf8');
const obj = JSON.parse(data);
// helpers
const lat = this.getValue(obj, 'P625', 'latitude');
const lon = this.getValue(obj, 'P625', 'longitude');
const lat = Number.parseFloat(this.getValue(obj, 'P625', 'latitude')).toFixed(6);
const lon = Number.parseFloat(this.getValue(obj, 'P625', 'longitude')).toFixed(6);
// if not coordinates ignore
if (!lat || !lon) {
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