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......@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ This is a custom elasticsearch image with the elastic image as a base and the s3
docker build --build-arg elasticsearch_version=7.9.3
## Pipline
There is a gilab pipline in place to build the cutom elasticsearch image. The corresponding helm chart uses a taged image. So if you want to release, plase update the version number in `gitlab-ci.yaml` and build the image. Then set a corrsponding git tag and update the helm values. Now you ready to upgrade the helm release.
## Spaces the S3 in Digital Ocean
To save a snapshot we use spaces (S* from Digital Ocean). Log in to your DO-Dashboard and create a new space. Go to the space setting and disable listening of the directory for anonymous users. Under the API menuitem you can create a new access and secret key for your spaces. This key is necessary to create the backup.
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