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......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ kubectl create secret generic s3-secret-key --from-literal=s3.client.default.sec
## Config Snapshots S3
To use the [s3 plugin]( with Digital Ocean we need to configure a s3 repository for the backup. We use the official helm repo. Checkout the docu for [snapshots](
We need to set chunk and buffer size to not trigger [DO's rate limit](
kubectl port-forward service/elasticsearch-master-headless 9200:9200
curl --location --request PUT 'localhost:9200/_snapshot/metagrid-backup-es-7' \
......@@ -27,7 +28,12 @@ curl --location --request PUT 'localhost:9200/_snapshot/metagrid-backup-es-7' \
"type": "s3",
"settings": {
"endpoint": "",
"bucket": "metagrid-backup-es-7"
"bucket": "metagrid-backup-es-7",
"chunk_size": "1gb",
"max_restore_bytes_per_sec": "8000mb",
"max_retries": "30",
"buffer_size": "100mb",
"max_snapshot_bytes_per_sec": "1000mb"
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