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This repository collects all the data imported into metagrid
# Metagrid Data
This repository collects and updates all the data imported into metagrid. We usually try to crawl data from existing websites, but some providers just offer csv dumps. They can't provide a valid sitemap, do not have a website or have no structured data.
## Provider
- (rm-1848-inkl-id-1.csv) Members of the swiss parlament since 1848
- (2017-09_Hochschularchiv_ETH_Z-rich_GND_VEs_puliziert_aufbereittet.csv). Person in the archive of the ethz
- SSRQ (SSRQ_pers_26_11_2015.csv). Members of the DB from the "Sammlung Schweizerischer Rechtsquellen"
- BSG (bsg.csv). All members of the "Bibliohgraphie zur Schweizergeschichte"
- Helveticat (helveticat.csv). All authors from the catalog of the "Schweizerischen Nationalbibliothek (NB)"
## Import
For each provider there is a special importer in metagrid. Importers handle the mapping between the csv and metagrid's datamodel. To start an import use the following command:
php bin/console MetagridApiBundle:import:csv <path to csv> <slug of the provider>
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