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Update module to v1.8.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.3.0 -> v1.8.0

Release Notes



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🐛 Bug fixes

🔧 Maintenance

🧪 Testing & CI/CD

️ Documentation

Thank you everyone who contributed to this release and all your hard work! Cobra and this community would never be possible without all of you!!!! 🐍

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🐛 Bug fixes
🧪 Testing & CI/CD
🔧 Maintenance
️ Documentation

This release contains several long running fixes, improvements to powershell completions, and further optimizations for completions.

Thank you everyone who contributed to this release and all your hard work! Cobra and this community would never be possible without all of you! 🐍

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Bug fixes 🐛
  • Fixes a panic when AddGroup isn't called before AddCommand(my-sub-command) is executed. This can happen within more complex cobra file structures that have many different inits to be executed. Now, the check for groups has been moved to ExecuteC and provides more flexibility when working with grouped commands - @​marckhouzam (and shout out to @​aawsome, @​andig and @​KINGSABRI for a deep investigation into this! 👏🏼)


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Summer 2022 Release

Some exciting changes make their way to Cobra! Command completions continue to get better and better (including adding --help and --version automatic flags to the completions list). Grouping is now possible in your help output as well! And you can now use the OnFinalize method to cleanup things when all "work" is done. Checkout the full changelog below:

Features 🌠
Deprecation 👎🏼
  • ExactValidArgs is deprecated (but not being removed entirely). This is abit nuanced, so checkout #​1643 for further information and the updated on how this may affect you (and how you can take advantage of the correct behavior in the validators): @​umarcor #​1643
Bug fixes 🐛
Dependencies 🗳
Testing 🤔
Misc 💭

Note: Per #​1804, we will be moving away from "seasonal" releases and doing more generic point release targets. Continue to track the milestones and issues in the spf13/cobra GitHub repository for more information!

Great work everyone! Cobra would never be possible without your contributions! 🐍

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Spring 2022 Release 🌥

Hello everyone! Welcome to another release of cobra. Completions continue to get better and better. This release adds a few really cool new features. We also continue to patch versions of our dependencies as they become available via dependabot. Happy coding!

Active help 👐🏼

Shout out to @​marckhouzam for a big value add: Active Help With active help, a program can provide some inline warnings or hints for users as they hit tab. Now, your CLIs can be even more intuitive to use!

Currently active help is only supported for bash V2 and zsh. Marc wrote a whole guide on how to do this, so make sure to give it a good read to learn how you can add this to your cobra code!

Group flags 🧑🏼🤝‍🧑🏼

Cobra now has the ability to mark flags as required or exclusive as a group. Shout out to our newest maintainer @​johnSchnake for this! Let's say you have a username flag that MUST be partnered with a password flag. Well, now, you can enforce those as being required together:

rootCmd.Flags().StringVarP(&u, "username", "u", "", "Username (required if password is set)")
rootCmd.Flags().StringVarP(&pw, "password", "p", "", "Password (required if username is set)")
rootCmd.MarkFlagsRequiredTogether("username", "password")

Flags may also be marked as "mutally exclusive" with the MarkFlagsMutuallyExclusive(string, string ... ) command API. Refer to our user guide documentation for further info!

Completions 👀

Documentation 📝

Testing & CI

Beep boop, bot commits 🤖

Misc 💭

Shoutout to ALL our contributors (and all the new first time contributors!!) - great work everyone!! Cobra and it's huge impact wouldn't be possible without you 👏🏼 🚀 🐍

Full Changelog:


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Winter 2022 Release

Another season, another release!

Goodbye viper! 🐍 🚀

The core Cobra library no longer requires Viper and all of its indirect dependencies. This means that Cobra's dependency tree has been drastically thinned! The Viper dependency was included because of the cobra CLI generation tool. This tool has migrated to spf13/cobra-cli.

It's pretty unlikely you were importing and using the bootstrapping CLI tool as part of your application (after all, it's just a tool to get going with core cobra).

But if you were, replace occurrences of




And in your go.mod, you'll want to also include this dependency: v1.3.0

Again, the maintainers do not anticipate this being a breaking change to users of the core cobra library, so minimal work should be required for users to integrate with this new release. Moreover, this means the dependency tree for your application using Cobra should no longer require dependencies that were inherited from Viper. Huzzah! 🥳

If you'd like to read more

Documentation 📝

Other 💭

Shoutout to our awesome contributors helping to make this cobra release possible!! @​spf13 @​marckhouzam @​johnSchnake @​jpmcb @​liggitt @​umarcor @​hiljusti @​marians @​shyim @​htroisi


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